KEVERRA are a Los Angeles-based trio that formed in 2018, whose sound, while based in metal, takes strong influence from punk, post-punk, and noise rock. Their lineup includes current/ex-members of Southern California dirgers -(16)- and Goatsnake, as well as the ambient noise project Mayan Bull.

The trio recently went into the studio to record their self-titled debut album with Chicago-based producer/engineer Sanford Parker (Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, Buried at Sea.) Sanford is a master at capturing bands in the most visceral and raw form, and this album is no exception! Shockingly aggressive, heavy as balls, and vicious to the core, KEVERRA are about to surprise the Metal world..
For fans of Today is the Day, Old Man Gloom, Eyehategod

Kurk: Guitars, Vocals, Noise
Scott: Bass
Mateo: Drums, Vocals, Samples


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