The band really began after a shared motorcycle ride when vocalist Drew Robinson moved from Brooklyn to Philly into Bassist Davis M. Shubs' Cadaver Club Funeral Parlor on a whim, with the sole purpose to create this band - It was like fucking magic. They shared books, studied cinema, and wrote an entire album with the band between the Parlor and the studio. Guitarist Jaret 'Paisley Papi' Salvat-Rivera and Davis have been making music together for more than half of a decade long friendship, and 'Stoner Steve' Capitano is a fucking warlock who never puts down his guitar (Davis once had a side project with Steve making 70s porno music called ‘Sexecutioners’ with original Grave Bathers’ drummer Barret May where they all wore gimp masks). The final puzzle piece, Cliff Albert, fucking rips pinball and shreds the drums like an octopus.

Drew Robinson : Vocals
Jaret Salvat-Rivera : Guitar
Steve Capitanio : Guitar
Davis M. Shubs : Bass
Cliff Albert : Drums