Formed in 2014, Untitled With Drums are a five-piece rock band from Clermont Ferrand, France. With a wide array of influences ala Failure, Slint, Shipping News, True Widow and Cave In, UW/D puts a fresh spin on alternative rock by incorporating the raw noise of the 90s with a modern progressive post-rock vibe. On their debut LP "Hollow", the band have refined the sound they first developed on their EP "S/T W/D" (2017) by improving upon their strengths (songwriting/melody) while at the same time, expanding their sonic soundscape.

Well regarded for his work with acts such as Knut, Ventura, Impure Wilhelmina, and Year of No Light, 'Hollow' was recorded by Serge Morattel at Rec Studio (Geneva, Switzerland) who played a large part in crafting the heavy lush atmosphere achieved on this LP.

Untitled With Drums is:
MLB – voice and bass
MP – guitar
LD – guitar
NZ – keyboards
RD – drums