MOLLO RILLA - Viva El Camino
$6.66 - $19.99

  • MOLLO RILLA - Viva El Camino
  • MOLLO RILLA - Viva El Camino
  • MOLLO RILLA - Viva El Camino

MOLLO RILLA - Viva El Camino
$6.66 - $19.99

"The first thing you notice about Mollo Rilla is Marco Ciofani’s voice. You feel it deep in your gut and buzzing around your brain. Raspy and bellowing, it cuts through the chugging fuzz guitar like a leather-bound preacher delivering sermons of debauchery, villainy and evil....
Viva El Camino’s energy is heavy and raw, while its mix is pristine and present thanks to mastering by studio head Andrew Murdock, who produced Godsmack and Avenged Sevenfold.
“This one was all of that no-rules energy, just finely tuned and distilled more,” says Ciofani. "
- Cleveland Magazine

No stranger to the industry, main lyricist and songwriter Marco Ciofani was previously signed as a songwriter under Roundhill publishing. For a year he co-wrote songs with artists all around Nashville including former lead guitarist of Cage the Elephant, Lincoln Parish. Disenchanted with Nashville and writing music for others, Marco returned to his hometown of Cleveland to create something all his own and in 2017 found the perfect musicians to compliment his own unique writing style. Since Mollo Rilla's inception, their core mission is one of musical freedom and creating damn fine rock music. Together, the group effortlessly blend many styles including Latin, Rockabilly, Surf, Hip Hop, and even Disco. Their lyrical themes tend to surround feelings, thoughts, and beliefs on freedom, fantasy, faith, and of course, LOVE.

After self-releasing their self-titled debut album in May of 2019, the band performed extensively playing shows and touring regionally the entire Spring / Summer '19. Following their Summer dates, the band released a new single, Sangria, in Sept of 2019, which received airplay on Cleveland's iHeart Radio station, 100.7 WMMS. Based off the buzz of their debut album, Mollo Rilla was asked to play this year's INKCARCERATION Festival sharing the stage w/ such luminaries as Weezer, Halestorm, and Static X to name a few, but was cancelled due to the pandemic.

To follow up their stunning debut, the band knew they needed to up the ante and flew out to Los Angeles to work with renown engineer Bil Lane and producer/engineer Andrew Murdock (aka Mudrock, i.e. Godsmack, Powerman 5000) at the Hobby Shop Recording Studio West. The result is a much heavier record then the debut with a stunning production and an even more eclectic mix of styles. Mollo Rilla are genre defying, and continue to push boundaries to their breaking point. Their last record was heavily touted as "Queens of the Stone Age meets Jack White w/ an underlying dark tone", and while many of those elements remain, Viva El Camino has evolved into much more, at times recalling seminal acts like Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Them Crooked Vultures, and Eagles of Death Metal to name a few. While never quite sounding like any of these bands, what they share is a distinctive quirky sound all their own. My failed comparisons are only a true testament to the band's genius. Mollo Rilla are wild, fun, bold, intrepid, dark, moody, and simply outstanding!

Track Listing

  1. The Raven
  2. El Camino
  3. Night Fang
  4. Pendelum
  5. Lock & Load
  6. Mike Angelo
  7. Let Go Pt.1
  8. Bliss
  9. Rage The Day
  10. Let Go Pt. 2

Pressing Information

250 x 12" Vinyl LP
- 125 x Transparent Red
- 125 x Splatter

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