$6.66 - $19.99

  • MOUNTAIN OF SMOKE - Future Sins
  • MOUNTAIN OF SMOKE - Future Sins
  • MOUNTAIN OF SMOKE - Future Sins

$6.66 - $19.99

"MOUNTAINS OF SMOKE brings The Doom on new EP 'Future Sins'
- Metal Injection

"For this release, main duo Brooks Willhoite (Vocals, Bass) and PJ Costigan (Drums) added Alex Johnson on pedal steel / synths, not to mention, The Sword’s Kyle Shutt on guitar! The two-piece version of the band never had any problem bringing the noise on their own, but with the addition of Johnson and Shutt, they have a deeper and more layered sound.The whole of Future Sins oozes the ominous and strange and showcases the depths Johnson and Shutt can bring to Costigan and Willhoite’s brutal template. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Briggs at Civil Audio in Denton, the 6-song collection sounds like Mountain of Smoke injected with human growth hormone and a healthy dose of LSD. No, the band hasn’t gone psych-rock. But, there’s some trippy moments here…
- The Void Report

" I love the ominous and mystic atmosphere they create on several tracks. The use of synths and pedal steel work really well together with the brutal vocals, guitar riffs and punchy rhythms. This is really promising for the future of this band. Check out their music if you can. You’ll won’t be disappointed."
- Orange Maze

"Mountain Of Smoke brings a unique take on sludge/stoner metal one that's worth investing in."
- Musipedia of Metal 7/10

Track Listing

  1. Trashcastle
  2. Plague of the Powerless
  3. Terminus
  4. Zone Tripper
  5. The Barrens
  6. Tannhäuser Gate Redux

Pressing Information

250 x 12" Vinyl LP
- 125 x Barrens ORANGE vinyl
- 125 x Zone Tripper SPLATTER vinyl [Yellow vinyl w/ Black & Orange Splatter

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