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  • SANITY CONTROL - War On Life
  • SANITY CONTROL - War On Life
  • SANITY CONTROL - War On Life
  • SANITY CONTROL - War On Life

$1.00 - $19.99

"History leaves no doubt that right now there are people plotting to use the chaos of the world to make themselves richer and more powerful. But Polish crossover band SANITY CONTROL is here to put their razor-sharp riffs to the throats of those who try to keep us in servitude! Once you hit play on our full stream of their debut album War On Life, you’ll be awash with the blood of the oppressors. They blend thrash and hardcore to create beautifully brutal sounds that make you want to revolt for your right to exist on this dangerous planet! Fuck the system..'

"The social issues that Sanity Control address in their new album reflect a hardcore/punk attitude about the wretched state of affairs in the current world, and the music pulls from hardcore as well, melded with thrash to create full-bore Crossover chaos. It’s perhaps ironic that they call themselves Sanity Control, because their music is the kind that makes it easy to lose your mind while listening. And if you were in the pit, you’d probably lose body control too."

"The songs are lean, no nonsense, short sharp songs. They come at you like a series of hard, rapid punches to body. There is only one pace, and that is F.A.S.T, all songs done and over in under 3 minutes, so the pummeling is over quickly, and you are left in a bloody heap."
- Metal-Temple 8/10

Warsaw crossover lunatics Sanity Control assault the state of this wretched world with their debut full length, War on Life! Loaded with eight rounds of hardcore infused thrash to decimate your senses, War on Life grooves with the right amount of hooks coupled with heaviness whilst also demonstrating a keen understanding of how to utilize the riff to pummel the listener. This album is an instrument of destruction and a screaming voice aimed at a broken system. Lyrically and conceptually focused on turning an eye onto the devastating state of the world today, Sanity Control encourage you to lose your mind willingly in the organized chaos of their combustible crossover universe. For those who worried Thrash was doomed to a future of retro cosplay, Sanity Control advise you to lay down your body and join the War on Life.

Sanity Control is a Crossover/ Thrash Metal band from Warsaw, Poland, who pay homage to the classic Thrash Metal bands while blending it with a distorted and aggressive hardcore punk attack not unlike the great Crossover bands before them - Broken Bones, MOD, and Crumbsuckers to name a few. Their lyrics cover various social issues and embody a geniune hardcore/punk attitude. Seeing Red Records are proud to team up with Selfmadegod Records to unleash Sanity Control's debut album, War on Life, to the world!

Vinyl / CD / Digital
Seeing Red Records (N.America)
Selfmadegod (Europe)

Recorded in October 2019 at Lazy Sounday Studio, Warsaw
Engineered nd Mixed by Grzegorz Kucharski
Mastered by Joel Grind
Front Cover artwork by Raf Wechterowicz
Logo by Patryk Rosicki
Layout by Marcin Kucharski
Photo by Michał Matraszek
All songs written by Sanity Control

Track Listing

  1. War on Life
  2. Rope
  3. Paying is Believing
  4. Good Dogs
  5. Swarm
  6. Hunt
  7. Enough
  8. Dying Order

Pressing Information

500 x 12" Vinyl LP
- 400 x Red w/ Black Splatter
- 100 x Orange w/ Black & White Splatter SOLD OUT

500 x CDs

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