CHROME GHOST - The Diving Bell
$1.00 - $19.99

  • CHROME GHOST - The Diving Bell
  • CHROME GHOST - The Diving Bell
  • CHROME GHOST - The Diving Bell

CHROME GHOST - The Diving Bell
$1.00 - $19.99

Chrome Ghost take the darkest, heaviest doom and pair it with haunting, beautiful, clean passages, and that’s what makes The Diving Bell so special. It’s a pathway through a bleak landscape, one that takes you to the depths of sorrow until your soul is released from this mortal coil and flies into the light."
- CVLT NATION - #6 Top 15 Doom Records of 2019

"...Chrome Ghost’s most accomplished effort to date. A triumph."
- Doomed & Stoned, Innovator of the Year 2019 award

"As broodingly intense as it is ephemerally beautiful, this was undoubtedly one of the best, and most overlooked, records of 2019, and one which rightly deserves all the attention and love which you, as the listener, can give it."
- No Clean Singing

" ‘The Diving Bell’ is the result of greater focus on their strengths, melodious harmonization applied to a modern swath of doom metal and post-metal that never wanders anywhere pointlessly; Each step forward is intentioned and ethereal to the point that it’d embody a great emotional beast, haunting a great watery grave. "
- Grizzly Butts

"We are dealing with a creative, ambitious band that balances on the edge of pompous bombast in the four long songs on the second album 'The Diving Bell' - and not in the gaping abyss that is called hubris."
- Arrow Lords Of Metal

"Chrome Ghost is going to explode. The Diving Bell is their ephemeral, untouchable, indefinite, and most perfect moment. All of their efforts, experience, dreams, and passions converge here and bring into existence a kind of art that hasn't existed before."
- Hail Yourself Metalzine

The Diving Bell is a journey through deep and troubled waters, suffocated by anxiety and mesmerized by shimmering rays of light. This is Chrome Ghost at their most cinematic, with each song traveling through multiple movements, tied together by motifs and repeating phrases that develop as the track progresses. The band effortlessly marry heavy and oppressive music with beautiful and introspective passages.

The Diving Bell was recorded in May 2019 by Patrick Hills at Earthtone in Sacramento over the course of three days.
Pat also Mixed & Mastered the album.

Cover art and back cover art by Molly Devlin (@devlinmolly)
Chrome Ghost logo on our banner done by @peace.on.the.sun

Jake Hurst - Drums, Waterphone, Bowed Bass
Jake Kilgore - Guitar, Vocals
Joe Cooper - Bass

Patrick Hills - Additional Guitar on "The Diving Bell"

Track Listing

  2. HALO

Pressing Information

250 x 12" Vinyl Lp
- 125 x White Vinyl w/ Ocean Spray SPLATTER Vinyl
- 125 x 3-Color Storm Cloud SWIRL Vinyl

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