OLDE - Pilgrimage
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  • OLDE - Pilgrimage
  • OLDE - Pilgrimage
  • OLDE - Pilgrimage

OLDE - Pilgrimage
$0.00 - $19.99

"Listening to the sludgy doom of Toronto’s OLDE, I feel like a traveler of 2120 making my way back to the site that represents our present world. I feel the acid rain whipping my skin and the heavy, malodorous air pushing into my lungs. I’m listening to their single “A New King,” and to me, it’s a story as old as time – as one king dies, another takes his place, and as things change they stay the same – and our hope is eternal as we pray to our gods for relief and forgiveness. And all this fantastical woe is wrapped in a shadowy doom and filthy sludge package that reminds me that what we will always have is our ability to create, in anger or despair or fervor."

Inspired by a recording session with long-time stoner metal stalwarts Sons of Otis, guitarist/producer Greg Dawson (Cunter, Grift, BWC Studios) began to handpick and assemble OLDE back in 2014.

Eschewing the sometimes meandering mores of the genre, OLDE's first album, I, was released by Toronto’s Hypaethral Records in 2014 followed by a 4-song independently released EP, Shallow Graves, in 2016. Acting as bridge between I and what would become the band's 2017 acclaimed release Temple, Shallow Graves shows the band reaching out into more frantic, feral and frenzied territory while staying true to their heavy riff-clobbering roots.

The band's second full length, Temple, was released in August of 2017 by STB Records, and showed much growth, encompassing more abstraction and harmony, whilst continuing to bludgeon their fans with riff after riff driven by the sophisticated-caveman drums of Aubin and the harsh, yet always clear, vocals of lyricist McLarty.

Over 2019 and early 2020, OLDE wrapped the writing and recording of their third full-length, Pilgrimage. The album is another step up in all aspects maintaing OLDE's penchant for punishing heaviness while still focusing on melodies and rock n' roll sensibilities. Fans of the band will no doubt be pleased by their never-wavering commitment to earth heaving riffs, and while the songs might be more nuanced, they are the bands best. Pilgrimage also features guest solos from “Chewy” Daniel Mongrain of Voivod and Nichol S. Robertson.

For fans of : High on Fire, Entombed, Trouble, and the Melvins

OLDE is:
Greg Dawson & Chris Hughes | Guitars
Doug McLarty | Vocals
Ryan Aubin | Drums (and two fiery guitar solos)
Cory McCallum | Bass

Recorded/Produced/Mixed/Mastered in ‘19/20 at BWC Studios by Greg Dawson.
Guest musicians: Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain (Voivod)- guitar Nichol S. Robertson - guitar Nick Teehan- saxophone
Art- Alexandre Goulet (@goulexdesign)
Photography- Samantha Carcasole

Track Listing

  1. Pilgrimage
  2. A New King
  3. Medico Della Peste
  4. In Defiance
  5. The Dead Hand
  6. Depth Charge
  7. Under Threatening Skies
  8. Wastelands

Pressing Information

125 x Cloudy Clear Vinyl
125 x 3 Color Swirl Vinyl

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